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Product videos

Contact angle

Optical Parameters

Can Tool Metrology


Drawing die measurement

Contact angle

New!! SURFTENS WH 300: The master tool for 300mm semiconductor technology with wafer handling robot and loadport for FOUP’s and SECS/GEM interface

SURFTENS universal, basic system

SURFTENS automatic 1D: 1-axis motorized sample table, motorized dosing system and automatic drop placement

Contact angle meter SURFTENS automatic 2D: 2-axis motorized specimen table, automatic motorized pump and automatic drop placement

Optical Parameters

MTF Master WW for large object angles up to 2w=200°

MTF Micro – the MTF Test System for Micro Optics

MTF MASTER: Fully automatic MTF test bench, measurement of other parameters like EFL, Astigmatism, Field curvature, chromatic aberrations….

MTF Variant: Fully automatic MTF test bench, measurement of other parameters like EFL, Astigmatism, Field curvature, chromatic aberrations….

Optics Test Station OTS 200 / OTS 500: Measurement of optical parameters of single lenses and optical systems

Wedge Angle Scanner for HUD car windshields

MTF Master IIT: MTF measuring system for image intensifier tubes (IIT), fully automatic, all types

调制传递函数(简称MTF)是评估光学系统的成像质量的重要指标。 MTF variant在用户友好性、测量速度及精度上设立了新标准。MTF Variant符合了在光学系统的生产对测试设备的全部实际需要。全球众多知名的光学生产厂家验证了MTF Variant的价值。

Can Tool Metrology

Videos about the OEG product line for measurement of tools for beverage can manifacture like ironing dies and punches

Presentation: Increased productivity trough reliable and accurate tool measurement in beveregae can manufacture

RINGMASTER-the standard for accuracy: Measurement of diemeter, roundness and concentricity of ironing dies and redraw dies

PUNCHMASTER: Measurement of diameter, roundness and contour (transistion parameters) of punches, used in beverage can manfacture

URP 100: Universal ring and punch gauge for measurement of diameter, roundness, contour and transition parameters of rings and punches, used in beverage can manufacture


NEW!! Contact Angle Meter with SECS/GEM Interface and wafer robot – the Master Tool for contact angle measurement in 300mm semiconductor technology

MR 200: Micro wafer scriber for exact scribing of wafers for defined breaking

FLATSCAN: high accurate optical non contact surface profilometer for measurement curvature and wafer stress (thin film stress)

Drawing die measurement

DGMS Drawing Die Geometry Measurement

Drawing Die Inspector DDI